LCA Consulting offers a wide range of services for industry for adding value for decision-making in process planning and investments and towards carbon neutral activities. Our services support developing production processes, internal operations, and responding authorities demands 

Life Cycle Assessment 

LCA Consulting performs challenging life cycle modelling of products, production facilities and for example waste management and energy systems. LCA Consulting has several years of expertise for performing LCA and LCC. 

Life cycle modelling brings possibilities for cost savings and areas for improvement. In addition, it brings fuller conception and deeper awareness of actions and their influence to the environment in different stages of process and life cycle. Life cycle assessment can include for example computing the carbon footprint, nutrient cycle or other environmental impacts of the examined system. The life cycle cost analysis can be included in LCA as well 

Products, manufacturing processes and industrial plants 

LCA Consulting provides industrial emissions dispersion modelling. The modelling provides complete deterministic description movements and concentrations of gaseous emissions, odors, particle emissions etc. at a specified area.  The information produced with industrial emissions dispersion modelling can be utilized for example in estimating environmental impacts, in environmental permits and in comparing potential alternate techniques for processing emissions.  

Noise modelling studies provide information on noise levels at certain receiver points (residential buildings, schools etc.). Graphical noise grids for day and night time are presented. Noise modelling studies can be performed for example when building a new factory site or developing an existing one.