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LCA Consulting offers a wide range of services for waste management for developing internal operations and responding authorities demands. Services supports and adds value for decision-making in investments and process planning. We provide information of both different environmental impacts and costs according to our customer wishes.

Waste Management LCA


LCA Consulting has several years of expertise for performing LCA, LCC, carbon footprint and nutrient cycle studies in the field of waste management systems. Waste management system is modelled as widely as desired from collection of different waste types, transportations and final disposal to the utilization of energy and/or materials.
Life cycle assessment provides information on environmental impacts and costs of each studied aspect. In addition to analysing the current state LCA modelling can be used to comparing potential alternate waste management scenarios. Best option can be selected based on the results of the waste management LCA study.

Waste Collection, Landfills and Waste Processing Plants


Optimisation of separate waste collection enables waste management companies to optimise the collection of different waste types of cities and communities based on the results of LCA modelling.
The Material Flow and Management Tool provides comprehensive information of material flow management and reporting, which includes calculating for example material, energy and water balances and material and energy utilisation efficiencies. Atmospheric dispersion modelling provides complete deterministic description movements and concentrations of gaseous emissions, odors, landfill gas etc. at a specified area. Noise modelling studies provide information on noise levels at certain receiver points (residential buildings, schools etc.). Noise modelling studies can be performed for example when building a new factory site or developing an existing one.
LCA Consulting performs the comparison of technologies for example for companies which are planning on new investments or process changes. The comparison enables the comparison of alternate technological solutions based on specified criteria. The approach is inherently the aims and criteria which the client has set for the technology.
Our biogas services offer a wide and multitude range of services for biogas plants whether biogas plants are in the stages of planning, investment or operation.