Waste Management

LCA Consulting offers a wide range of services for waste management for adding value for decision-making in process planning and investments and towards carbon neutral activities. Our services support developing waste management processes, internal operations, and responding authorities demands 

Life cycle assessment of waste management  

Waste management system is modeled as widely as desired from collection of different waste types (one or several), transportations and final disposal to the utilization of energy and/or materials. Life cycle assessment provides information on environmental impacts and costs of each studied aspect. Modeling can be targeted for example on a carbon footprint, the assessment of environmental effects, life cycle costs, nutrient cycles and the planning of waste collection.  

In addition to analyzing the current state, life cycle assessment is used to comparing potential alternate waste management scenarios. On life cycle assessments LCA Consulting uses GaBi life cycle assessment software of which we have over 15 years of experience. We use the life cycle assessment standards ISO 14040 and ISO 14044 as well as IPCC guidelines in addition to other necessary standards and instructions.  


Carbon footprint 

Information provided in a carbon footprint assessment can be used to improve and optimize the overall effectiveness of waste management processes. Carbon footprint assessment evaluates the global warming potential of a waste management system, a single type of waste or a waste management process. The results enable the waste management companies to develop and optimize their operations and unify their practices in the area they operate.  

The carbon footprint is assessed reliably using the GaBi life cycle assessment software. The carbon footprint assessment can be executed following the international standard on carbon footprint assessment ISO/TS 14076, the product standard of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol or other appropriate guidelines. Additional services such as life cycle cost analysis can be included in the carbon footprint assessment.