Technology Comparison

The comparison of technologies is beneficial in different stages of life cycle of the production process. The comparison of technologies enables the comparison of alternate technological solutions based on specified criteria. The approach is inherently the aims and criteria which the client has set for the technology.

Alternatively, the approach can be the distinctive, general criteria of the technology that is studied. The criteria that are used in the comparison of the alternatives for the solutions are chosen according to the needs and interests of the client. These include for example energy consumption, and environmental effects of the use of technology. In addition, investment costs or some specific characteristics of the end products, can be used for criteria.

It is possible to conduct a cost-benefit analysis of the investment in a case that a plant is being planned, modernized or updated. The cost-benefit analysis can be conducted at the same with the comparison of technologies or in a different investigation. Analysis coverage factors in all costs and revenue during the life cycle of a plant from the investment to its use.

The cost-benefit analysis offers information on the full costs and revenues of different technology alternatives. The analysis helps to determine for example the appropriate gate fee that biogas plants collect. In addition, it helps to determine the selling prices of the end products.

technology comparison