LCA Consulting offers high-quality expert services in the environmental sector to companies and waste management. In our services we utilize our extensive environmental and waste management expertise customer-oriented.


Hiilijalanjäljen laskeminen
Environmental expertise with strong professional skill


High quality environmental expert services

We perform our projects always with customer-oriented approach, quality and reliability. Our expertise is the top of our field. The high quality and customer satisfaction go hand in hand and they are both a matter of honor to us. Our customers thank us for our flexibility and agility. Together with our customers we work for more sustainable environment every day.

Our services are divided into two main sectors, which are carbon footprint and life cycle assessment. Get to know our services more specifically below.

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With carbon footprint calculation, the environmental impacts contributing to climate change of products, services, buildings or systems can be identified

In addition to providing quantitative number, carbon footprint studies provide comprehensive understanding about significancy of different factors to total carbon footprint. The results of carbon footprint studies can be used in various purposes


Life cycle assessment (LCA) provides information about the environmental impacts of products, services and systems during their life cycle

Information can be used in versatile purposes: to support the research and development work of companies as well as in communication and marketing. We also calculate information for environmental product declarations (EPDs) which are used to communicate about the environmental impacts of products.

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