Life Cycle Assessment


LCA Consulting performs challenging life cycle modelling of products, production facilities and for example waste management and energy systems. The results of life cycle modelling can be used within a company to optimize processes in cost, material and emissions control and in external communication for different interest groups, for example decision makers and customers.


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Life cycle assessment brings possibilities for cost savings and areas for improvement.
In addition, it brings fuller conception and deeper awareness of actions and their influence to the environment in different stages of process and life cycle.


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Product and Manufacturing Life Cycle Assessment

Life cycle assessment (LCA) offers a general view on one or several environmental impacts in the different stages or processes of a life cycle of a product, manufacturing process or system. Life cycle assessment enables the comparison of the future operating options beforehand and it can be used to map out optimizing possibilities of a manufacturing process or a system from a chosen point of view.
Life cycle assessment produces results that can be used internally to develop a company’s operations such as the manufacturing process. Life cycle assessment deepens the knowledge of the company’s operations and the environmental impacts of those operations. At the same time improvement targets are found, which can be addressed by adding resource-efficiency or investing more environmentally efficiently, costs are saved and the environmental load diminishes. The results of life cycle assessment can also be used in external communication by using environmental declarations or logos that improve the company’s image as a responsible operative.
LCA Consulting performs life cycle assessments using the GaBi life cycle modelling software of which we have over fifteen years of experience. We follow the life cycle assessment standards ISO 14040 and ISO 14044 in addition to other standards and guidelines as necessary. Therefore reliable results on the life cycle environmental impacts are achieved.
Life cycle assessment is used to calculate the carbon footprint, nutrient cycle or other environmental impacts. Life cycle cost analysis is also possible to include in the LCA reports.