LCA Consulting offers high-quality expert services in the environmental sector to companies and waste management. In our services we utilize our extensive environmental and waste management expertise customer-oriented.


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LCA Consulting offers high-quality sustainability expert services, such as life cycle assessment (LCA) and carbon footprint calculation for companies and public sector. With solid expertise in sustainability, we create added value for our customers – from both environmental and economic standpoint.

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For companies, waste management or public sector

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We navigate our customers towards more sustainable direction with our solid technical background and experience. Simultaneously we aim to increase our customers’ understanding of environmental impacts and possibilities to control and decrease them. Our customers appreciate our methodological competence which we have utilised in both industrial and public sector, such as waste management.

Our services


Carbon footprint calculation for products, organisations and buildings

With carbon footprint calculation, the environmental impacts contributing to climate change of products, services, buildings or systems can be identified. In addition to providing quantitative number, carbon footprint studies provide comprehensive understanding about significancy of different factors to total carbon footprint.


Life cycle assessment provides information about the environmental impacts

Life cycle assessment (LCA) provides information about the environmental impacts of products, services and systems during their life cycle. Information can be used in versatile purposes: to support the research and development work of companies as well as in communication and marketing.