Environmental Noise Modelling

Noise modelling studies provide information on noise levels at certain receiver points (residential buildings, schools etc.). Noise modelling studies can be performed for example when building a new factory site or developing an existing one.

environmental noise modelling

We perform computational noise modelling with CadnaA software obeying the suitable standard or guideline. As an output of the study, graphical noise grids for day and night time are presented.
For example, we have modelled the dispersion of industrial noise and noise caused by traffic in the neighbourhood of the biogas plant.
The study was performed in planning phase of biogas plant procurement and construction.

Services for Environmental Noise Modelling:


  • Noise modelling for biogas and composting plants, waste incineration plants, waste separation and handling sites, waste treatment centers etc.
    • for operating factory sites
    • for non-operating plants to be constructed soon

  • Noise modelling of construction phase or operating phase

Environmental noise modelling