Carbon Footprint for Industry

LCA Consulting offers carbon footprint calculation to determine global warming potential of customer’s product, service or a system during their life cycle. The results enable the companies to develop and optimize their operations and unify their practices in the area they operate.
Carbon footprint is calculated reliably by using life cycle modelling software GaBi. Calculation can be done applying international standard ISO/TS 14067, Greenhouse Gas Protocol standard or other appropriate guidelines.
Information provided in a carbon footprint assessment can be used to improve and optimize the overall effectiveness of industrial processes.

Carbon footprint for industry

carbon footprint for industry

Communication about carbon footprint can improve the images of both the company and the product or service in question. Calculation of carbon footprint offers a possibility to guide consumers for example in sustainable actions in utilization of product.
Besides external communication, the results of carbon footprint calculation can be used in optimizing the customer’s own actions or manufacturing.
The most efficient measures in cost savings are determined when cost analysis is added to the modelling.