Biogas Plant Services

Our biogas services offer a wide and multitude range of services for biogas plants whether they are in the stages of planning, investment or operation. Among other services we provide LCA studies of biodegradable waste components and biogas plants, nutrient cycle analyses and cost-effectiveness calculations. The information that our biogas services provide can be utilized for example in the planning stage of a plant, in the reports for authorities and in the development of operative actions.

Our life cycle modelling services provide a big picture of one or several environmental effects caused by the different stages or processes in the life cycle of a biogas plant. Nutrient cycle LCA analysis is used to form a general view of the nutrient cycle and the utilization and recycling rates of the nutrients. Additionally, it is always possible to add a life cycle cost analysis for the LCA reports.

Biogas plant services provide information for clients considering investing in biogas plants. These analyses range from the mapping of the input to surveying the customers of the end product. For clients considering investing in a plant or changing a process we offer the comparison of technologies to find out the best possible technology.

Our environmental services offer atmospheric dispersion and noise modelling in accordance with the regulatory requirements for biogas plants. These can be made for example as a part of an environmental impact assessment or the process of obtaining an environmental permit.

biogas plant services

Biogas Plant Services:


Life Cycle Assessment

  • Biogas plants LCA
  • Biodegradable waste components LCA
  • Nutrient cycle
  • Life cycle cost analysis


Biogas Plant Services

  • Feedstock mapping
  • Comparison of technologies
  • Cost-benefit analysis


Environmental Services

  • Environmental noise modelling
  • Atmospheric dispersion modelling

biogas plant services